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    Helping Students See the "Big Picture" of Variance Analysis

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    Please help with the following accounting problem.

    Read the following ProQuest article: VanZante, N. (2007, April). Helping Students See the "Big Picture" of Variance Analysis. Management Accounting Quarterly, 8(3), 39-40, 42-47. Based on the readings for the week, discuss your opinion on the need for variance analysis in either a service provider setting (retail or restaurant), or manufacturing setting.

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    In VanZante's article, Helping Students See the "Big Picture" of Variance Analysis, he advocates for students to learn the big ideas behind variances instead of the mechanical process of getting the variance amounts. His proposition is that if students understand several different ways of computing variances, they are more likely to know what the variance is showing.

    I think there is a need for variance analysis, both in manufacturing and service settings, but the opportunity is greatest ...

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    Your tutorial is 303 words and one reference and explains how useful variances are and why they are needed.