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    Expenditure Cycles

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    For the expenditure cycle at Hewlett-Packard or any other company, what's your suggestion for the following recommendations to have good internal control of the purchase order processing?

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    Having a purchasing order process in place will ease the purchasing process for any company. By having a good standard process for all types of orders like drop shipments, blanket orders, or even basic orders, the company would be able to ensure that things are not forgotten, over ordered, and that if items are discontinued, or out of stock, the company would be able to make adjustments in a timely fashion to ensure that their operations are not affected. The expenditure cycle follows the purchases from the decision to buy, all the way ...

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    The ordering process for any company is one that must be controlled and done so correctly so that there is no gap in product that is available for the consumer. This is essential for any and all companies that offer products consumers that are not produced on site. The solution discusses suggestions for having good internal control of the purchase order processing.