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    Deductions for AGI - 'above the line' deductions

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    Alex, a single taxpayer, has a salary of $100,000. He incurred & paid the following expenses during the year:

    Medical expenses $5000
    Alimony $24,000
    Charitable contribution $2000
    Casualty loss (after $100 floor) $1000
    Mortgage interest on personal residence $4500
    State income taxes $4200
    Moving expenses $2500
    Contribution to traditional IRA $4000
    Sales taxes (no state or local income tax is imposed) $1300

    Calculate Alex's deductions FOR AGI.

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    Deductions FOR AGI means above the line deductions as opposed to deductions FROM ...

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    The solution selects the deductions which qualify 'for AGI', and then calculates the amount of adjusted gross income.