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    I:6-33 For or From AGI Deductions for Roberta

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    I:6-33 For or From AGI Deductions. Roberta is an accountant employed by a local firm. During the year, Roberta incurs the following unreimbursed expenses:

    Item Amount
    Travel to client locations $750
    Subscriptions to professional journals 215
    Taking potential clients to lunch 400
    Photocopying 60

    a. Identify which of these expenses are deductible and the amount that is deductible.
    Indicate whether they are deductible for or from AGI.

    b. Would the answers to Part a change if the accounting firm reimburses Roberta for these expenses?

    c. Assume all of the same facts as in Part a, except that Roberta is self-employed. Identify which of the expenses are deductible, and indicate whether they are deductions for or from AGI.

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    First the rule: All unreimbursed employee business expenses are reportable on Schedule A. They are first shown on Form 2106 but they then flow to Schedule A, except in very limited circumstances (reservists, performing artists, fee-basis government officials). The key word in this ...

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    First, the general rule for reporting is presented and then in two or three sentences, each of the parts of the problem are explained.