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    Calculating Travel Deductions

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    Norman traveled to San Francisco for four days on vacation, and while there spent another two days conducting business for his employer. Norman's plane fare for the trip was $500; meals cost $150 per day; hotels cost $300 per day; and a rental car cost $150 per day that was used for all six days. Norman was not reimbursed by his employer for any expenses. Norman's AGI for the year is $40,000 and he did not have any other miscellaneous itemized deductions. Norman may deduct (after limitations):

    A. $250.
    B. $800.
    C. $1,050.
    D. $1,200.

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    We can calculate this scenario as follows:

    Meals: $150 x 2 = 300 - .50 = $150
    Hotel: 300 x 2 days business = 600
    Rental ...

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