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    Accounting: Financial Statement Ratio Analysis

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    I am trying to analyse financial statements using published financial reports, the ones I know I will be facing in the real world compared to the exam type. I found one very challenging and too big. I have attached areas I want analysed, and I am asking for a detailed ratio analysis showing the relevant calculations and notes. I have eye sight problems typed solutions makes it easy. I am not sure about the credits.

    When I first studied ratio analysis I use to calculate a lot of ratios and find something interesting to say about them and that did not really work. The financial statements were easy and straightforward and there were no complications in calculating any ratio but I don't think I knew the most important things to say about them.
    As a result I am challenging myself by looking for the most difficult financial statements for big companies and analyse them in terms of the following and compare with similar companies in the same industry.
    From a managers point of view I want to analyse the following company using there published accounts for 2011 and 2012.Inculding all relevant notes for better understanding. Information on www.Daimler.com.

    (a) Evaluate the performance of DAIMLER in the following areas, using ratio analysis:

    - Profitability
    - Liquidity/Solvency
    - Working capital efficiency
    - Long term financial structure
    Investors' perspective

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