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    Accounting framework

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    Use the Accounting Framework, Financial Statements, and Some Accounting Concepts by William J. Bruns, Jr.

    • Compute a common-sized income statement and balance sheet for the years presented. (2001, 2002, 2003)
    o State your findings from the analysis.
    • Compute the following ratios and interpret them for the years presented:
    o Return on assets
    o Return on equity
    o Asset turnover
    o Current ratio
    o Debt ratio
    o Net profit margin

    o Show your computation.
    o State the meaning of your analysis.
    • state your total recommendation based on the analysis you performed.

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    // In the below-mentioned segment, the accounting framework and concepts have been mentioned. Moreover, the analysis of the financial statements of coca-cola has been undertaken by preparing common-size reports. Moreover, the ratio analysis of financial of the company has been performed. //

    Accounting Framework

    There are two major premises that define the accosting framework. The first premise states that there is a possibility of distinguishing between the organization and person for whom the accounts are being prepared (Tracy, 2012). Another premise states that for an accounting entity, available resources will be equal to the resources or funds provided by the owners and creditors. Thus, the accounting equation is formed as follows:
    Assets= Equities

    Financial Statements

    The financial statements are the snapshots of the financial position of an entity, and it is derived directly from the basic accounting equation and framework. The financial statements are inclusive of a balance sheet, Income statement, and cash flow. Where, the balance sheet states the list of assets, ...

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