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    FCC Ruling

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    I am writing a paper about a current event as it pertains to business law. The topic is the recent ruling from the Federal Communications Commission FCC 07-232. The ruling clarifies the use of automated dialers by collections agencies to contact customers on their wireless phones.

    I am trying to include a comprehensive portion of the paper that describes the different liabilities and consequences that a company might face if they do not comply with the ruling. Also, I would like to touch on how this ruling may impact management decisions within the company.

    I have attached the FCC ruling along with another article that I found regarding the ruling. Can you please help me determine the liabilities and consequences that a company might face if they do not comply with the ruling and how the ruling may impact business decisions?

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    The liabilities and consequences that a company may face if it violates the ruling will be those applicable for the violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. In other words, it means that the individual whose privacy has been violated can recover damages from a solicitor for $500 to $1,500 for each violation, or recover monetary loss whichever is higher.

    The FCC in its notification has clarified that businesses and their ...

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