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    Apple Inc. executive summary: current and total liabilities

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    Prepare an executive summary discussing the liabilities of Apple, Inc.

    1) The total current liabilities for 2009 is $19,282 millions & for 2008 is $ 14,092 millions.

    2) The two largest current liabilities for 2009 are Deferred revenue $10,305 million & Accounts Payable of $5,601 million
    The two largest current liabilities for 2008 are Accounts Payable of $5,520 million & Deferred revenue $4,853 million

    3) The total liabilities for 2009 is $26,019 millions & for 2008 is $ 18,542 millions.

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    Apple's Total Current Liabilities consist of Accounts Payable, Accrued Expenses and Deferred Revenue. The 10K Report of Apple Inc does not categorically include breakdown of accounts payable and deferred revenue but includes for accrued expenses. But accrued expenses are lowest liabilities in dollar terms. Accounts Payable in 2009 has increased by 1.47% when compared with year 2008. Deferred revenue has increased by almost 112.34% but accrued expenses in fact declined by 9.22%. The total current ...

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    The solution gives a executive summary of current and total liabilties of Apple Inc for 2009.