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    AlwaysRain Irrigation:Capacity requirements planning

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    1 AlwaysRain Irrigation, Inc., would like to determine capacity requirements for the next four
    years. Currently two production lines are in place for bronze and plastic sprinklers. Three types of sprinklers are available in both bronze and plastic: 90-degree nozzle sprinklers, 180-degree nozzle sprinklers, and 360-degree nozzle sprinklers. Management has forecast demand for the next four years as follows:

    1 (IN 000S) 2 (IN 000S) 3 (IN 000S) 4 (IN 000S)
    Plastic 90 32 44 55 56
    Plastic 180 15 16 17 18
    Plastic 360 50 55 64 67
    Bronze 90 7 8 9 10
    Bronze 180 3 4 5 6
    Bronze 360 11 12 15 18

    Both production lines can produce all the different types of nozzles. Each bronze machine
    requires two operators and can produce up to 12,000 sprinklers. The plastic injection molding
    machine requires four operators and can produce up to 200,000 sprinklers. Three bronze
    machines and only one injection molding machine are available. What are the capacity requirements for the next four years?

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