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Understanding the major macromolecules of life

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Explain the following from the perspective of life: Carbohydrates and lipids are important because of the number of atoms in each molecule; proteins are important because of the shape of the molecule; and nucleic acids are important because of the number and sequence of its components.

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The expert understands the major macromolecules of life.

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1. Actually, carbohydrates and lipids could be divided into two categories, both of which are mostly composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. In carbohydrates, the number of atoms in each molecule is important, as this will determine the amount of energy that can be liberated (usually in the form of ATP). More carbon and hydrogen atoms mean more energy that can be extracted from the molecule.
<br>In the case of lipids, the number of atoms are also important, as they determine the length of the molecule. Lipids in cells have long strings of carbon and hydrogen atoms (which are hydroPHOBIC = dislikes water or ...

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