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    The process of CAM photosynthesis

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    Explain the process of CAM photosynthesis using native plants as examples of the process in action. Feel free to consult outside sources for additional data to support your discussion.

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    Photosynthesis is a unique process within plant life that occurs in a wide variety of plants around the world. There are three classifications of the photosynthesis process; C3, C4, and Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). The CAM photosynthesis process is thus called after the plant family in which it was first found (Crassulaceae) and because of the CO2 that is stored in the form of an acid before use in photosynthesis. This acid is found commonly in ...

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    This 200 word solution explains the process of CAM photosynthesis and provides detailed examples to illustrate the explanation. It includes two references for further research of the topic.