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Light Dependent & Independent Reaction

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Review of Photosysthesis as it relates to light Dependent Reaction and Independent Reaction.

Using figure 7.11 for review to fill in the blanks in the chart. for blanks A through V.

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The light-dependent/dark (light-independent) reactions are linked, where ADP+ and NADP+, along with light energy, are converted to ATP and NADPH. We say that NADP+ is reduced to NADPH in this reaction (reduction is seen in many biological reactions where a hydrogen atom (H) is added to a molecule). This is the end-product of the light recation, as well as having oxygen (O2) released. NADPH and ATP are used in the dark reaction.
<br>The light ...

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The reactions of photosynthesis are divided into two categories:

a. light-independent reactions and carbon fixation reactions
b. carbon fixation reactions and oxygen fixation reactions
c. light dependent and carbon fixation reactions
d. light dependent and citric acid cycle
e. chemiosmosis and photochemical reactions

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