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Comparing chemiosmosis in cell respiration & photosynthesis

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Need assistance comparing chemiosmosis in cell respiration and photosynthesis using the attached figures from pages 100 of my text and pg 118 to fill out the enclosed chart.

Looking at the diagram I wasn't even sure where to start. Need assistance filling out the chart.

See attached files (Chart, pg 100, pg 118)

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Cell respiration and photosynthesis are both methods by which cells generate energy. However, each process is distinct and occurs in a different cellular organelle. As your figure shows, aerobic respiration occurs in the mitochondria; photosynthesis in the chloroplast (Figure 7.10B does not show this-probably an earlier figure depicts the "light reaction" of photosynthesis. The Calvin Cycle is the "dark reaction", the process by which the cell "fixes" the CO2)
<br>What the question is asking is for you to compare respiration and photosynthesis:
<br>1. "Specific membrane for electron transport": Where are the proteins required for these reactions found?
<br>a. Respiration: this can be found directly in that ...

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