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    Biology Revision questions Solutions

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    (5 marks) 4. How do fern gametophytes differ from moss gametophytes?

    (6 marks) 6. How are the excretory organs of annelids different from those of insects?

    (6 marks) 7. Explain the African Emergence Hypothesis for the origin of humans, and list two lines of evidence in its support.

    (5 marks) 8. Describe what happens in the individual parts of the digestive system when a human eats fat. Continue your description up to the point at which the main constituents are absorbed.

    (6 marks) 9. Compare and discuss the difference between species protection and habitat protection. Use examples.

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    Biology Revision questions Solutions

    1. How Fern Gametophytes differ from Moss gametophytes(http://www.biologyjunction.com/moss__fern_notes_b1.htm)

    1.1. Fern gametophytes
    1.1.1. gametophytes are small and live close to the ground.
    1.1.2. gametophytes produce flagellated sperm
    1.1.3. gametophytes have rhizoids
    1.1.4. heart-shaped structures
    1.1.5. They live only a short time
    1.1.6. Sperm must swim to the egg to fertilize it
    1.1.7. developing embryo becomes the Sporophyte generation
    1.1.8. sporophyte now becomes the dominant stage
    1.1.9. no vascular tissue
    1.1.10. develop best in moist areas
    1.2. Moss Gametophytes
    1.2.1. Gametophyte is dominant stage
    1.2.2. Gametophytes are photosynthetic & have root-like rhizoids
    1.2.3. Female gametes or eggs are larger with more cytoplasm & are immobile
    1.2.4. Flagellated sperm must swim to the egg through water droplets for fertilization
    1.2.5. Moss gametes form in separate reproductive structures on the Gametophyte
    1.2.6. Pieces of a Gametophyte can break off & form new moss plants (fragmentation)
    1.2.7. Pieces of a Gametophyte can break off & form new moss plants (fragmentation)
    1.2.8. Have vascular tissue
    2. How are the excretory organs of annelids different from those of insects?( http://www.biology-questions-and-answers.com/annelids.html) and( http://www.biology-questions-and-answers.com/phylum-arthropoda.html)
    2.1. Annelids
    2.1.1. A pair of complete excretory structures called the metanephridium exists
    2.1.2. The metanephridium has an extremity called the nephrostoma
    2.1.3. the nephrostoma collects waste from the coelom, filtering it and causing reabsorption along its extension (similar to human nephron tubules)
    2.1.4. The material to be excreted goes out through a pore, the ...

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