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    Evidence Supporting the Big Bang Theory

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    Describe observational evidences to support the Big Bang model in cosmology.

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    The Big Bang theory is explains how the universe got started. Studies in astronomy and physics have shown that there was a beginning. Prior to the Big Bang, there was nothing. During and after the Big Bang, there was our universe. According to one theory, the universe come into existence as a "singularity" around about 13.7 billion years ago. Singularities are zones that exist as the core of the "black holes." Black holes are areas of intense gravitational pressure that are so intense that it squashed any matter. Our universe began as a small, infinitely hot, and an infinitely dense singularity. The Big Bang theory explains that when these dense singularity becomes inflated or expanded and cooled, it went from the very, very small and very hot to the size and temperature of our current universe today. The Big Bang theory is happening now because the universe continues to expand and cool to this day.

    The observational evidences supporting the Big Bang theory are outlined below:

    The first piece of evidence is that the the galaxies are continually expanding and moving away from us. The farther away the galaxies are, the faster it moves away from us. Since the galaxies are moving away ...

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