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    Why are direct gram stains ordered on clinical specimens?

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    Gram Stain

    1. Why are direct gram stains ordered on clinical specimens?

    2. Why is a direct gram stain performed on all anaerobic cultures, even if it is not specifically ordered by the physician?

    3. Why is a gram stain performed on all CSFs?

    4. List (By gram stain morphology) the three most expected organisms from CSF.

    5. Why are gram stains not ordinarily done on a) vaginals and b) stools? Be specific by stating the exact interfering organism(s).
    a. Vagina:_______________________________________________________
    b. Stool: ________________________________________________________

    6. What most likely are the following organisms from direct gram stains?

    Sputum g + dc in pairs
    Sputum g - cb
    Wound g + c in clusters
    Wound g + c in chains
    Genital g - dc, intracellular

    7. What is the purpose of the mordant in the Gram stain procedure?

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    1. Gram stains are ordered in a clinical setting when doctors suspect that there is an infection. Doctors can learn if the bacteria is gram negative or positive and its shape.

    2. One reason to prepare a gram stain on anaerobic cultures is to compare the morphology and the number of organisms in these cultures to aerobic cultures helps to determine if it is an infection from an aerobic or anaerobic organism.

    3. Gram stain is performed on ...

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