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    'What would the world be like if solid water (ice) was denser than liquid water?

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    One of the science fiction magazines is having a call for conference topics. You decide to submit the following topic: ''what would the world be like if solid water (ice) was denser than liquid water?"

    Create a brief synopsis and include a brief discussion on the following issues: how you think the world would be different and the implications for aquatic life.

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    Well it would surely be different! Everywhere and anywhere where temperatures at any time would allow water to freeze the situation for life, especially life in water, would be seriously affected. The interesting fact is that the molecular structure of liquid normal water makes it densest at + 4 C (=277 Kelvin). Below 0 C (=273 Kelvin) ice (frozen water) is so much less dense than liquid water (at any temperature, except when the water is boiling - then the steam bubbles will make the fluid on average so less dense that ice will ...