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    Relation between telomeres and aging

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    One aspect of aging appears to be related to telomeres. Every time a chromosome is duplicated in the S Phase of interphase, the ends of the chromosome (i.e. telomeres) unravel. This sets a limit of around 50 cell divisions before the chromosome unraveling effects genes. Explain the significance of this.

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    With a limit of 50 cell divisions, the number of times a cell divides will determine how long it can maintain normal cellular physiology. The fasted dividing cells, such as in the intestine, are replaced once a week, while other cells may divide a given number of times before entering a non-dividing state (e.g. neurons). As cells age and loose telomeric regions, they become ...

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    Two short paragraphs explaining what telomeres are and how they relate to aging. Web references provided.