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    Punnett Square

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    Albinism is an autosomal, recessive condition. A man and a woman who are both carriers for albinism have a child. <br>What is the probability that...<br>a) the child is an albino?<br>b) the child is a carrier of albinism?<br>c) the child who is not albino is homozygous dominant?<br>d) their first child is not albino and their second child is?

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    This is a probability problem where we'll use a Punnett Square to determine the possible genotypes of the offspring resulting from this cross.<br><br>The first information we are given is that albinism is an autosomal, recessive condition. Autosomal refers to any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome. Therefore, the sexes of the individuals involved in this problem do not matter. We will use "a" to represent the recessive allele and "A" to represent the dominant ...

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    Punnett Square is applied. The expert examines probability of genotypes and phenotypes.