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    Mendelian Genetics

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    This problem has to do with Mendelian Genetics. Looking at my attachment. How would an increased sample size affect my results? With a sample size of 10 individuals?

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    For each of the traits, each person has two alleles. The alleles can be recessive (R) or dominant (D). Therefore, any person is DD, RR, or DR. If the inheritance patterns of these genes/traits are Mendelian, then the results of various matings (the results that are predicted by chance) are:

    (1) The children of a DD parent and a DD parent will be 100% DD and 100% will have the dominant phenotype.
    (2) The children of an RR parent and an RR parent will be 100% RR and 100% will have the recessive phenotype.
    (3) The children of a DD parent and an RR parent will be 100% DR ...

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    The expert examines Mendelian Genetics dominants and recessive traits.