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    Hardy Weinberg law

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    In a population of field mice, 3 phenotypes: black, brown, and white are observed. Upon investigating, you discover that 2 alleles cause the 3 phenotypes (alleles B and B' are co-dominant). The allele for black coat color is B and the allele for white coat color is B'. Thus, individuals with the genotype BB are black, B'B' are white, and BB' are brown. Would you conclude that this population is in Hardy-weinberg equilibrium, if you observe 200 black mice, 750 white mice, and 50 brown mice? Please explain your (yes or No) answer based on mathematical calculations using the binomial equation. Ideas are expressed.

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    We have to check whether or not the numbers fit the binomial equation of the Hardy Weinberg law.

    1000 mice were ...

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    Hardy Weinberg law is depicted.