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    Epistasis, Pedigree Analysis and the Genetics of Sex

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    Outlines of types of epistasis are included.

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    Sex chromosomes:

    A male needs only 1 copy of a recessive allele to display the phenotype. A female needs 2 copies. Therefore, males are more likely to display recessive traits.

    Ex. Sex-influenced traits


    AA > normal
    Aa > normal
    aa > bald


    AA > normal
    Aa > bald
    aa > bald

    Epistasis: interaction of different loci

    Ex. AA or Aa > round
    aa > wrinkled
    BB or Bb > yellow
    bb > green

    If you cross: AaBb * AaBb

    9 AABB or AABb or AaBB or AaBb (round, yellow)
    3 AAbb or Aabb (round, green)
    3 aaBB or aaBb (wrinkled, ...

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    Epistasis, Pedigree Analysis and the Genetics of Sex are noted.