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    Chi-squared test for HW equilibrium

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    The MN blood group in humans is under the control of a pair of codominant alleles, LM
    and LN. In a group of 556 individuals, the following genotypic frequencies are found:

    167 MM
    280 MN
    109 NN

    (a) Calculate the frequency of the LM and LN alleles.

    (b) Test (using the Chi-squared test) whether the genotype frequencies conform to the
    Hardy-Weinberg distribution.
    MM MN NN Sum
    Observed number
    Observed frequency
    Expect frequency
    Expected number

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    1. MM=p2=167/556=.30

    First determine the frequency of M using the following equation: p2+1/2(2pq). Substitute the numbers from each of the above observed values and solve for p.
    .30=1/2(.50) =.55 therefore P=.55
    To get pq simply multiply the above values. To get 2 pq multiply pq by 2.
    pq= .55x.45=.2475

    These solutions are the expected frequencies for the alleles if the population ...

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    This solution will explain how to use a chi-squared test to determine whether or not the blood groups of a population are in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. A link to a similiar example problem is included.