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    How to calculate gene frequency

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    1. In Chihuahuas, being loud and obnoxious is dominant over calm and passive. If 17% of a population of feral Chihuahuas is quiet, what percentage would you expect to be heterozygous for this trait? If your population contained 2,300 dogs, how many homozygous noisy dogs would there be?

    2. In frogs, being spotted is dominant over striped, and you can tell heterozygotes by their foot structure. Provide allele and expected genotype frequencies for a population containing 74 homozygous spotted, 58 heterozygous spotted, and 66 striped frogs.

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    1. Let 'a' be dominant and 'b' recessive gene.
    According to Hardy law : a + b = 1
    or a2 + 2ab + b2 = 1

    According to question b2 = ...

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    Gene and genotype frequency can be calculated with the help of Hardy-Weinberg law.