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    Natural Selection vs. Intelligent Design

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    Task: Please discuss the following two topics (compare and contrast)
    - Natural Selection vs. Intelligent Design

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    Well, first of all I have to declare that I do not believe in so called "intelligent design" so you know where I stand. I'm a Darwinist!
    My first source is Darwin himself and how he presented his facts. He observed finches on the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific. The only conceivable way these finches could have ended up in those islands was by being wind driven from South America. He could also see that in many ways they did resemble South American finches. But there were also differences. Especially with regards to their beaks. These beaks also differed from one ecologig/environmental niche to another that different groups of finches with different characteristics inhabited on these islands. It was quite evident that the construction of the beak was related to these niches that these different groups inhabited with different ways of finding food etc. Darwin knew very little about genetics, had no idea of DNA or of genetic mutations. But he could describe his observations, draw conclusions from them by formulating a working hypothesis and later test that hypothesis by comparing it with other observations and by doing that be able to formulate his theory. So he followed the scientific method. I will here right away say that the "intelligent design" notion does not allow you to test it in this manner. It just supposes that there is some kind of designer. So already here we can safely state that it is not a scientific ...

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    A debate about intelligent design is included.