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    Example of evolution due to climate change

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    Choose one animal species. Your goal is to describe the way in which an evolutionary change might occur for a particular characteristic (trait) of a population of that species as a result of natiral selection.
    The characteristic (trait) could be something like coloration pattern, length of the limbs, size of the teeth or beak, or any measureable trait that is inherited.
    The organism you choose should be a real one but the evolutionary change in a trait that you describe can be real or friction.
    a.Explain how the changes in this trait occurs. You will describe the trait in the population at the starting point and then what the trait will look like at a later time, as a result of natural selection. b. Make sure to explain the process by which the changes occurred. What is the selective pressure? Explain why the change might confer more fitness to a particular environment?
    State the name of the species. what population of the species and its geographic location. State the characteristic (trait) of the population and how this trait varies among individuals. What changes occurs in the environment that causes a change in the above characteristic?

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    This question is quite timely given the present atmosphere of climate change. Changes to the climate will have huge effects on all of the World's species which will spur evolution in numerous populations, particularly in areas at the ends of a species range. Below I've briefly outlined one example for you. To complete this assignment you will need to expand on this answer in the places I've noted or chose another species and follow the outline I provide below.

    The theoretical Selective Pressure: Global warming has shifted populations of trees in the North East United States such that tree species that used to be at the Northern border of ...

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    In this solution I examine a hypothetical situation where climate change influences evolutionary change. Specifically, a warming climate shifts the range of various tree species. The butterflies who rely on the trees for shelter and camouflage are impacted when the trees with a different bark coloration appear in large numbers in the butterflies habitat.