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    producing life synthetically

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    The bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium has only 517 genes of which only about 250-350 code for essential proteins.

    Assuming that it would be possible to synthesize each of these genes one at a time and combine them to form a living organism in vitro.

    In a few paragraphs, what are your thoughts on the ethics and possible ramifications to producing life synthetically as would occur in this case?

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    According to DAVID REJESKI (Director, Science and Technology Innovation Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars), morality and risks tend to be highlighted more than any possible benefits. He also discusses the costs and trust factors associated with corporations with regard to ethical considerations of creating life synthetically.

    The planet has evolved over millions of years. Adaption has gone on constantly and species have become ...

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    The concepts of adaptation, laws of nature, mutation and evil are discussed.