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    2 Questions on Life Science

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    Natural selection is the key mechanism of evolution and accounts for the commonality and diversity in nature. Can you give a specific example of a successful species and unsuccessful species adapting and not adapting respectively to their environments and why their adaptations or lack of made it so?

    How can having high levels of serum sodium ions (high salt diets) contribute to the disease of hypertension (high blood pressure). Describe how these high levels of sodium ions can increase blood volume resulting in a rise in blood pressure.

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    2 species, one successful and one not so successful. Well we take the successful first, ourselves Homo Sapiens. We have an immense talent for adaptation, mainly by using our big brains and hands and our art of technology. The original natural habitat of ours were the African savannas close to the Equator. Most of us now live elsewhere on all continents of the Earth including Antarctica where apart from along the coasts no other mammal naturally lives. Without clothing (definitely a ...