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Compensatory evolution a mutation Drosphilia Melanogaster

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I just finished doing an experiment in my evolutionary genetics class on the compensatory evolution following a deleterious mutation in Drosphilia and the fitness effects of the nub mutation. I need to find three journal articles on these two topics and I am having some difficulty (they have to be full articles). I was wondering if anyone knew of any articles on these topics that will be of use to me for my report.

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The expert examines compensatory evolution for a mutation of Drosphilia Melanogaster.

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There are a lots of resources on this topic. I am attaching files and giving you some links to some web pages where you can find the required articles in full text.

Please feel free to contact me through BM if more information is needed.

The first paper has a good amount of reference and most of them are available in full text.

Fry, J. D., Keightley, P. D., Heinsohn, S. L. & Nuzhdin, S. V. ...

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