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    Speech on destruction of rain forests in fund raiser

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    You attend a fund raiser to prevent the destruction of rain forests. The head organizer discovered you have a background in bioengineering and has requested that you speak at an afternoon breakout session to help persuade people to preserve the rain forests.

    The head organizer gave you the following helpful tips: include ethical, biological and economic arguments, include a discussion on the impact humans are having upon natural ecosystems, discuss how human habitation is altering the natural ecosystems. For example, the reason for floods and mudslides due to humans' over cultivation and destruction of habitats. In addition, discuss potential solutions to retain a balance between "Humans and Nature"?

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    Deforestation refers to the complete destruction of forest cover, whether this destruction is due to land-clearing for cattle ranching, small holder agriculture, plantation agriculture, or parking lots. Why should we worry about tropical deforestation? ...