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    Competition in an Ecosystem

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    In nature, when resources are unlimited, a population will grow unchecked. When the density of that population reaches a certain number (called the carrying capacity), unrestricted reproduction ceases and competition begins. What are the different kinds of competition and what support can be used to differentiate them?

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    When there are unlimited resources in an environment, all species can coexist without much interaction. However, when any of those resources is in short supply, these species must fight each other in order to survive. In addition, individual species often fight amongst themselves for resources they need. This interspecific and intraspecific competition can play a large factor in the evolution of a species, as well as the environment in which it lives.
    Interspecific competition occurs when two different species are fighting for the same resource. This could include a place to live (e.g. a nesting cavity in a tree), or the same food source (e.g. a clam being hunted by a crab and an octopus). As a result of limited resources, each ...

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    This solution describes the different types of competition organisms experience when resources are limited. It also discusses the impact of this competition on species survival and evolution.