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Animal Narrative: Red Panda of Asia

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I need to explain 8 of the following things about the red panda of Asia.

1. Describe and discuss the animal's habitat.
2. Discuss how the animal adapted to obtain food/run away from predators/catch its pray.
3. Explain how the animal is able to defend itself. (How does the animal use its habitat to defend and protect itself and its family?) What special features or behaviors does the animal have to escape from its predator?)
4. Explain how the animal adapts to the elements of the environment of its ecosystem? (How does it keep warm or cold)
5. Does the animal have any natural enemies?
6. Discuss how the animal takes care of its young? (Does the mate take any responsibility in feeding and taking care of its young?) (how does it predict its young)
7. How is the animal classified from kingdom to species?
8.Discuss how the animal and man "get along."
9. Explain the effects of pollution in the environment.
10.Discuss special "senses or "abilities" that this animal has that sets it apart from the others.

If it would be possible to put this information in a story using the 1st person, I would appreciate it. The story is supposed to be put in the 1st person, with the writer being the animal itself.

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Solution Summary

By responding to the questions, this solution assists in writing a narrative on the red panda of Asia on several dimensions e.g. habitat, diet, how it defends itself, etc. Supplemented with an article on the red panda. References provided.

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