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    Compare cell parts to parts of a factory.

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    Compare cell parts to parts of a factory.
    What part of a factory would be a nucleus? Nucleolus? Cell Membrane? Ribosome? Chromatin? Mitochondria? Endoplasmic Reticulum? Lysosome? Vacule? Golgi Bodies?

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    The nucleus is the command and control center of the cell, and it works by sending out messages, in the form of messenger RNA (mRNA) to the rest of the cell. In the analogy with a factory, the nucleus would be the manager's office, or perhaps the central computer network. Chromatin is tightly-folded DNA, containing all the instructions that are needed for the cell to function. This can be considered the filing cabinets containing all the company information, or the computer program running on the central computer.

    mRNA gives the instructions to make proteins that perform specific functions ...

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    This solution makes the analogy between a cell and and a factory, explaining how each major component of the cell is similar to different parts of a factory. The solution details the function of each part of the cell, and compares this with the analogous function of different sections of a factory.