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    Saturated vs. Unsaturated Fats

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    Explain why different fats behave differently at room temperature. Why does olive oil remain liquid at room temperature and butter and shortening remain a solid?
    Describe trans fat.
    a. The food industry is always striving to provide new products. Some products are a great success and others have turned out to be harmful. Share your opinion of why the food industry strives to produce new products.
    b. State and local governments have banned the use of trans fats in foods such as French fries. Do you think that government should be able to make these decisions for people? Why or why not?
    What foods are good sources of EPA and DHA?
    Do you think that a diet higher in omega-3 fatty acids would be an effective treatment for the symptoms of arthritis? Defend your answer.
    Please provide references Please.

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    The properties of fats are generally controlled by their fatty acid chains. These chains have a carbon backbone, and in the cases of saturated fats, are saturated by hydrogen bonds to this carbon backbone. This allows their structure to be relatively linear, and when multiple chains stack together, they take up much less volume. In comparison, unsaturated fats have chains with carbons that have other constituents, such as larger molecular groups. They also, by definition have at least one double bond between carbons, and are thus, kinked in structure. This makes that chain bulkier, less linear, and when multiples of these chains are stacked, they take up more volume.

    Similarly, different constituents on these carbon ...

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    The solution provides a brief discussion on differences between unsaturated and saturated fats, why food producers continue to generate new products, the role of government in banning certain ones, sources of EPA/DHA
    and whether omega 3 fats are beneficial for arthritis.