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    Verdi and Wagner

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    Describe classical music and two works that exemplify this style; then discuss Beethoven and the Romantic style of music that he pioneered. Finally, how did Verdi and Wagner each contribute to this new style.

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    First of all, the first two words that should come across a musician's mind should be the terms, "Sonata Form" as this concept was a big hit in the Classical Era due to the composers using largely this form to organize music that they composed. Generally and speaking in terms of tempo markings, "Sonata Form" is organized in the following manner: "fast", "slow", and "fast" movements which means there will always be three movements from any large pieces of work you can find from this historical period. Classical music started apparently with Haydn's music but Beethoven continued on this style of music and actually carried it through into the Romantic Period. Beethoven's last symphony, Symphony No.9, "Ode to Joy" was key example to pioneering the Romantic style; however, that is not the only piece that accomplished such a great task.

    The TA feels that the student should observe a great deal of detail in regards to "Sonata Form" because that was the central form of compositional technique that the composers utilized when creatively writing their music. For a more in-depths explanation of the term "Sonata Form", here are some facts to be aware of: within the first movement by assuming that the first movement is in tempo "Allegro", this movement is organized this way~

    ---Introduction (optional)
    ---Exposition (First tonal group or home ...

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