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Sheryl Crow and Pavarotti parallel

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Sheryl Crow and Pavarotti - "la ci darem la mano" Listen to the video and discuss the the scene, the lyrics, the meaning and the story behind it.

Sheryl Crow and Luciano Pavorotti


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For the student,
Thanks once again for coming back to try our service some more. This was one of my favorite operas of study when I was taking an Opera Seminar course. We had to watch (on video and some live performances) of Mozart's operas because that was what Mozart was famous for during his lifetime aside from his piano and symphonic compositions. This aria came from one of his Italian operas, "Don Giovanni".

You definitely should watch the following video of this aria all sung in English by two professional opera singers. Here's the direct URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UBDOtkrKok

(You may copy and paste the above URL.) I'm certain that after you watch this video in comparison to the Sheryl Crow and Pavarotti version, you will know how to answer the posted question you submitted us.

As for a direct verbal translation, here's the URL you should consult:

(But I have also copied and pasted the entire translation of the song via the attached document.)

Here are more facts about this Italian aria in duet form
Là ci darem la mano - No. 7, Duettino
from Act I, Scene III of the Italian opera, Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto : Lorenzo da Ponte

Ensemble type : duet
Performed by : Don Giovanni (a profligate nobleman) and Zerlina (a peasant girl, Masetto's fiancee)
Voice Parts : baritone, soprano Fachs : Don Giovanni - dramatic or lyric baritone, Zerlina - soubrette
Synopsis : Don Giovanni attempts to seduce the peasant girl Zerlina. Zerlina almost capitulates but is prevented from going off with him by Donna Elvira, who has already fallen to the wiles of Giovanni.
Sound file : MIDI file and zip format sequenced by Jonathan Ward.
Translation and/or Aria Text : Libretto entered by Robert Glaubitz.
Recordings : Complete Opera
Where to Find It : Score of opera - Classical Vocal Reprints, 1-800-298-7474. Catalog #50098 (Ricordi).

Therefore, to apply these info for answering your posted question, the ...

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