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Where to Begin Researching about Mozart

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Please list some quick facts as well as some hints on where to start looking for information.

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The solution discusses where to begin researching about Mozart.

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W.A. Mozart

Fast Facts

Born: Salzburg, Austria on Jan. 27, 1756

Died: Dec. 5, 1791, a few minutes before 1AM of rheumatic fever.

Full Name: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart.

Married: Contanze Weber....against her father's wishes.

Children: 6 - two survived past infancy; Carl Thomas and Francis Xavier

Favorite Instruments: horn and fortepiano

Hated: trumpet and flute.

Compositions organized chronologically by Kochel Number eg K48 was written near the beginning of his life and K590 was written close to the end. He wrote over 600 pieces including ...

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