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    The piece, "Individuals," is examined.

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    Help with a work (ANYTHING) of contemporary art (20-21st century) is provided. Research links also support the data.

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    As you first choose a piece from this era, I really like the politically laden piece called "Individuals" from 1998 by
    Vic Muniz, a Brazilian artist. The piece seems to suggest a strong theme of democracy or the fight for it. It also seems to incite a setting where people are trying to assert their own power. I like the fact that it seems to showcase class or power dynamics to affirm the crowd perhaps. What do you think?

    The piece's image is found at http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/ho/11/sa/ho_1999.200.htm#

    As you then assess and describe it, you might note that it ...

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