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Origins of kente cloth

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The critical process as it applies to the analysis of art. 600 Words. The process includes:

You are to online sites to find four different images. Two of them will be of the carved doors from the royal palace in Ikere, Nigeria, and two of them will be of examples of Kente cloth. After you have taken the time to examine the images carefully, capture them and put them into a Microsoft Word document. Then, apply the specifics of the critical process as you write an evaluation of the doors and the Kente cloth.

Your evaluation should include:

Specifics regarding description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment relative to the doors and to the cloth.
Answers to the following questions regarding the doors:
Why were the doors created and what do they depict?
What logical implications can be made from the fact that the doors are no longer in Africa?
What use did the artist make of texture, color, and design?
Answers to the following questions regarding the cloth:
Why was Kente cloth originally woven and who was allowed to use it?
How was the cloth made in the past, and how has that changed?
How were texture, color, and design used by the weavers?
Your finished product should include:

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First of all, as you locate an image, one example is the "Pair of door panels and a lintel" by Olowe of Ise (about 1875-1938), "a celebrated artist who created sculptures for royal patrons. He was locally renowned at the time and today is regarded by many as one of the most significant Yoruba artists of the twentieth century" (http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_object/aoa//pair_of_door_panels_and_a_lint.aspx). The image is located at http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/aoa/p/pair_of_door_panels_and_a_lint.aspx

Why were the doors created and what do they depict?

Their purpose seems to be ceremonial and political to honor royalty and to commemorate British administrator's arrival.

They depict the British Ambrose on a hammock surrounded by soldiers and shackled. The African leader, Ogoga, is portrayed with his family. Birds attack human eyes and faces to show the cultural beliefs about human sacrifices.

What logical implications can be made from the fact that the doors are no longer in Africa?

I feel like it shows the British and Western domination of Africa since they know reside in England. I feel like there are major postcolonial implications here.

What use did the artist make of texture, color, and design?

The ...

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Kente cloth is briefly analyzed using references.

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