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Paleoanthropology and a study of the Brain

Here is the website to go to. (

Click on the link and then launch the documentary by clicking on the blue box with the arrow."Related Exhibits" are listed at the bottom of the screen for each of these topics. Exhibits' of the Anatomy. The topic is Big Brain

Question 1. Is this a good exhibit to learned from the article the big brain. Could you provide a some examples to discuss how this is important to paleoanthropology. How does this help me to better understand human biological evolution.

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Paleoanthropology is the study of humans ancestors. One major thing that differentiates primates and particulary humans, from other species, is the size of their brains. The exibit 4 named "Big Brains" on the provides further analysis of such extraordinary evolution. The "Big Brains" is a detaield and user-friendly exhibit that provides information on brain development through stages of human evolution. This is an excellent exhibit to learn from, as it provides examples and visual aids, that further contribute to paleoanthropology and better understanding of human biological evolution. ...

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The solution is a discussion of the importance of a particular exhibit (Becoming Human website's related exhibits section) on the origins of the Human Brain in relation to studies of/and understanding why such studies are important in anthropology.