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    The Importance of Fossil Records

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    What do fossil records tell scientist about climate change,Extinct species, Evolution, Meteor Strikes, Mass Extinctions, Wandering Poles?

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    Fossil Record

    Climate change

    As demonstrated in a recent study by the University of Leeds, England, fossil records can be used to determine the fluctuations in the oxygen and acidity levels of the atmosphere (using sea surface temperatures) spread out through millions of years between 'greenhouse' & 'icehouse' periods. Compared side by side via fossil records as well with the diversity of flora and fauna, they were able, via fossil records, to prove that climate change is part of the cycle of the planet.

    Continental drift

    German Geologist Alfred Wagener's theory of continental drift (that the earth's crust drift atop a liquid core & through tectonic movement, the continents 'drift over time) is supported by fossil records found all over the world in the most unexpected places. Eduard Suess, an Austrian geologist found evidence of flora and fauna in fossil records that supports the breaking up of the supercontinent Pangaea, especially through the fossil records of the fossil plant Glossopteris & ...

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