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    Z Test of data for average GPA of students.

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    Data shows the average GPA of students at a school is 2.9. The GPA of a random sample of 16 biology students is 3.1 (with sample standard deviation= 1.2)

    Is the GPA of the biology students different from the general student body? Identify and justify the statistical procedure.

    Show all steps to test the hypothesis and include any needed diagrams.

    Summarize the results.

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    1. A hospital records the number of floral deliveries its patients receive each day. For a two week period (14 days), the records show:

    Day 1 25
    Day 2 37
    Day 3 36
    Day 4 34
    Day 5 38
    Day 6 31
    Day 7 36
    Day 8 29
    Day 9 25
    Day 10 38
    Day 11 35
    Day 12 36
    Day 13 27
    Day 14 33

    Use exponential smoothing with a smoothing constant of .35 to forecast the number of deliveries. (Be sure to provide a forecast for day fifteen, the point of the whole exercise)

    2. In order to ...

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