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Probability based on Z score for a normal variable

Given that z is a standard normal random variable and that the area to the right of z is 0.1949, then the value of z must be
A) 0.51
B) -0.51
C) 0.86
D) -0.86

Your high school graduating class had 564 members. Thirty-three percent of these are expected to attend college. The probability that less than 160 will attend college is
A) 0.1580
B) 0.4900
C) 0.0090
D) 0.0832

The sampling distribution of the mean will have the same standard deviation as the original population from which the samples were drawn.

In a given year, the average annual salary of a NFL football player was $189,000 with a standard deviation of $20,500. If a sample of 50 players was taken, then probability that the sample mean will be $192,000 or more is
A) 0.6970
B) 0.3485
C) 0.1515
D) 0.0398

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