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What is meant by the z score. Where does that come from

What is meant by the z score. Where does that come from?

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Hi, I will be happy to explain the z-score.

Normally, to understand phenomena, it would be best to survey every single person in the group. This would be your population. For example, it would be best to ask every single student in the university to partake in your research.

This in theory is a great idea, but in reality, it is impractical. Firstly, your sample size would be huge; it would be very time consuming to ask every student to participate and would cost a lot of resources.

Therefore, the next best thing would be to have a few people in the population partake in the research - this would be your sample.

When selecting your sample for the study, you have to make sure that you have a random assortment of people - you need to randomly select people to participate in your sample. If you have this random selection, you can ...

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This posting looks at the z-score, it breaks it down by looking at populations and samples and the bell curve. It also provides a real world example that breaks down the z-score.