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    Examples of z-score calculations for statistics students

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    1. The weight of cans of fruit is normally distributed with a mean of 1,000 grams and a standard deviation of 50 grams. What percent of the cans weigh 860 grams or less?
    a) 0.0100
    b) 0.8400
    c) 0.0026
    d) 0.0001

    2). The mean amount spent by a family of four on food per month is $500 with a standard deviation of $75. Assuming that the food costs are normally distributed, what is the probability that a family spends less than $410 per month?
    A) 0.2158
    B) 0.8750
    C) 0.0362
    D) 0.1151

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    1. Need to find the z score for this data.

    z = 860 - 1000/50

    z = -2.80

    Need to look at the area to the left of this value. ...

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