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    Linear model

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    A. Which of the models would you use to determine the best choice of expiration date for the green beans? The cream pie? Why would you choose these?
    b. If, for practical reasons, you had to choose only one model to use to set the expiration dates, which would it be? (There is no health risk involved. It's a flavor quality thing.) Why would you choose this model?
    c. Which of the two variables involved in this project - time or residual flavor - is the independent? Which is the dependent? Why?

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    a. Since the model's R squared measures the goodness of fitness of the regression model. So we should choose the model with the highest R squared.
    Thus, for green beans, the best choice is linear model, and 0.63 ...

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    The solution determines the linear model, parabola, exponential etc. with the given questions in the problem.