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    Hypothesis testing, type I, and type II errors

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    It is claimed that a new treatment for prolonging the life of patients with leukemia is more effective than previous treatments. The null and research or alternative hypotheses for a data set are: Ho: mu < 10.6 years and Ha: mu > 10.6 years (claim).

    a. State the research conclusion that was written if Ho was rejected and a Type I error was made.
    b. State the research conclusion that was written if Ho was not rejected and a Type II error was made.
    c. State the research conclusion that was written if a sample size of 15 with an alpha level of 0.05 has a test value of 2.27?

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    A. If Ho was rejected, and type 1 error occurred, this would mean that although Ho was rejected, it is in fact true. Mu is indeed less than 10.6 years ...

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    the following discusses the idea of making type I and type II errors. Additionally, an interpretation of a test statistics from a given sample is provided.