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Hypothesis Testing: Type I & Type II errors

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A researcher asks whether attending a private high school leads to higher or lower performance on a test of social skills when compared to students attending public schools. A sample of 100 students from a private school produces a mean score of 71.30. The population mean (m) for students from public high schools is 75.62. The population standard deviation is 28. Zobt is -1.54. Zcrit is ± 1.96.
? Should the researcher use a one-tailed or a two-tailed test? Why?
? What is the alternative hypothesis?
? What is the null hypothesis?
? What should the researcher conclude about this relationship in the population?
? Are the results significant? Explain your response.
? What is the probability of making a Type I error?
? If a Type I error were made, what would it mean?
? What is the probability of making a Type II error?
? If a Type II error were made, what would it mean?

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