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    Statistics (Z Test and T Test)

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    For part a, give an example of a situation that fits a Z-test and explain why your example fits the Z-test. You may not use any example that was published in the textbook, the Statistics Discussions conference or the About the Lesson conference. Then, for part b, make appropriate changes to your example, so that a t-test would be required. Give your new example and explain what changed to make it only appropriate for a t-test. Your examples must not match the examples of another student. If there is a match all students with that example will have to give another example and will not get credit for the original answer.

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    The mean time spent on studies of all students at a university last year was 40 hours per week and the standard deviation was 2.4 hours per week. This year, a random sample of 12 students at the university was drawn. The mean time spent on studies per week was calculated out to be 41.9 hours and the standard deviation was 3.6. Test the ...